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Hunting for the Northern Lights


Holiday of Spring in China!

?祝春节快乐!猪年吉祥,万事如意,幸福安康!? Our dear friends and colleagues from China! We congratulate you on the Holiday of Spring!✨We want to wish success in all affairs, happiness and health in new year of the Pig!

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New cycle of activity of the Sun and how it influences the Polar light?

In the Sun signs of the beginning of a new cycle of activity are observed For most of people the Sun is just very bright object in the sky. In the Sun there really are all the time difficult processes which have an impact on our life on Earth. What is cycles of activity and […]

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The Russian NTV channel about the Polar Lights and Aurora Village

The Russian NTV channel about Teriberka, the Polar Lights and Aurora Village. All wait for Aurora Borealis differently. Someone freezes, someone brings ethnic tools, and someone settles down in a comfortable loggia Aurora Village with a glass of champagne))??

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40 thousand foreign tourists in Murmansk. What will be farther? Interview with Oleg Terebenin – director of VisitMurmansk and AuroraVillage

Last winter Murmansk region was visited by 40 thousand foreign tourists. And it is not a limit. What will be farther? Almost in each small settlement, not to mention the large cities, there are new mini-hotels and guest houses, the travel companies focused on entrance tourism open. The settlement of Teriberka overtakes all. Apparently soon […]

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40 days without the sun. How? Polar Night begins in Murmansk

From the scientific point of view Polar night in Murmansk lasts from December 2 to January 11. Polar night — the period when the Sun more than 24 hours (that is more than 1 days) does not appear from behind the horizon. But nevertheless during twilight when the sun because of the horizon lights high […]

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Very bright Aurora Borealis not only in the winter! Improbable photos of our guests!

About what bright Polar Lights can be in September! Fine photos of our guest Evgenia Kirpichenkova And there are a little her warm words about the Aurora village: “Have surpassed expectations!!! Everything is made with soul and love! Very purely, warmly and comfortably! Double-glazed windows new in all lodges! There are no problems with […]

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Romantic place

Aurora Village is a wonderful place for romantic dates. The opportunity to retire behind the city, to wrap yourself in a blanket, to watch the northern lights on the edge of the earth – what could be better?

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Official opening of a season of Aurora Borealis in Aurora Village!

Friends, and to you has already had the luck to see Aurora Borealis this September? At night on September 16 in Aurora Village we observed the poured sky over the head, and we can tell with confidence that the season is open! Besides, our summer hasn’t passed in vain. We have updated windows and a […]

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