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Hunting for the Northern Lights


We invite everyone to the EMITT in Istanbul! 9 – 12 February

Dear colleagues, from 9 to 12 February you can meet us at EMITT 🤝 We invite everyone to the tourism exhibition EMITT in Istanbul to the stand of the Murmansk region.   ❓Where? • 25th East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre, Büyükçekmece, Istanbul • A421, Hall 2   [...]

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We invite everyone to the EMITT in Istanbul!

Dear colleagues! ⠀ We invite everyone to the tourism exhibition Emitt in Istanbul to the stand of the Murmansk region. ⠀ The Murmansk region is the northernmost European region of Russia, most part of which is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is the gateway to the Arctic where there is a lot of pure [...]

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Holidays with children in Aurora Village

Is it really warm in Igloo? Is there hot water? Where can food be reheated? Are baby food provided? We often receive such questions from those who are planning a trip with babies. And rightly so! Comfort and safety come first here ‍ Photo from @natasha_from_rasha ⠀ We answer all questions: All Igloos are warm […]

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Today is Winter Solstice Day!

December 21 – the shortest daylight hours and the longest night! And then daylight hours will go to profit. Already before the New Year, some cities of the Murmansk region will come out of the darkness. And Murmansk will meet the first dawn on January 11! ⠀ Although we missed the sun, there is some […]

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About the hot tub on the territory of Aurora Village🚰

The hot tub is the highlight of your holiday. And most importantly, it is available both in summer and winter. ⠀ Well, imagine … lying in hot water under the open sky, among the snow and silence, and above you the starry sky or even better – the Northern Lights! And if you go during […]

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Aurora Village named Best Glamping at the National Hotel Awards 2021 🔥

The award ceremony for the winners of the “National Hotel Award 2021” was held in Moscow, and our eco-hotel became the finalist and the best glamping 🎉! The award was launched in 2019 by the Russian Hotel Association with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the […]

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Arctic cuisine at Aurora Village 🦀

Our menu includes not only classic and vegetarian dishes. To truly experience the Arctic, you should try the gifts of the Barents Sea – scallops, sea urchins, mackerel, cod, crab Friends, do not forget that food in Aurora is ordered 2-3 days in advance or when booking. Because the cafe works only on a catering […]

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What if I don’t see the Northern Lights? 🥲

We get such questions quite often. Let’s clear up the situation ⠀ The chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high if you come to the Kola Peninsula for a few days and spend every night outside the city. From September to April, of course. ⠀ But even a high kp-index in the forecast cannot […]

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Killer whales and whales in Teriberka! 🐋

Our colleagues @ seatravel51com are incredibly lucky to see these beauties up close! 🔥 ⠀ Many who travel to Aurora Village Visit Murmansk @auroravillage_murmansk also visit Teriberka (as it is on the way and only 70 km away). After all, it is there that there is the most chance to see whales and other inhabitants […]

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How to capture the Northern Lights on camera? 📸

General rules to see the Northern Lights and take a picture of it on a smartphone 🤳 read the previous post 👉🏻 ⠀ 📸 And now about the camera settings: ⠀ Any modern mirror or mirrorless will do, as long as there are manual settings: ✔️We need M mode. Full-frame models (Nikon D610, Nikon D750, […]

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