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Hunting for the Northern Lights

40 days without the sun. How? Polar Night begins in Murmansk

From the scientific point of view

Polar night in Murmansk lasts from December 2 to January 11. Polar night — the period when the Sun more than 24 hours (that is more than 1 days) does not appear from behind the horizon. But nevertheless during twilight when the sun because of the horizon lights high layers of the atmosphere, daylight will be observed.
Murmansk region almost entirely lies to the north from the Polar circle therefore in its territory such phenomenon is observed. The shortest duration of daylight is observed on December 23 in the period of a winter solstice and is 5 hours 27 minutes.

And how people feel?

Light hunger leads to the fact that the organism ceases to synthesize joy hormone serotonin. The mentality suffers from it. People become irritable, confuse time of day, lose the mode, sleep badly.
Many scientists say that how many the person lived on Far North, it is impossible “to get used” by polar night.

And what to do?

In spite of the fact that everything plunges into darkness, in the city beautiful illumination appears. Besides polar night passes in the period of New Year’s holidays and this great time to stay with family, to light candles and to spend time in a warm cozy situation.
Also there are many winter activities which will help to endure this period, heavy for an organism, – a ski, fishing, snowmobiles and or just to make a snowman in the yard. Since December SnowVillage and many other winter entertainments opens!
Come to look for Polar night! In the city everything shines beautiful sparks, and in the country there is more opportunity to see Aurora Borealis! Do not miss it the surprising period of time.

Published on: December 3, 2018  -  Filed under: News

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