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What is the chance that I will see the Northern Lights during my stay?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights during your stay in Aurora Village, as well as Aurora is the matter of natural phenomena. The appearance of colored lights in the sky depends on various factors – magnetic activity, cloudiness, the position of the sun. But there are several ways to increase the chances to see Aurora:
• You can always check the 27-day forecast of the Northern Lights in our application or on the website and choose the appropriate dates.
• If you can’t see the lights, during of staying in Aurora Village, you can book a tour “Hunting for the Northern Lights”, where we visit places with the clearest sky!
• We can also say that this season Aurora appeared approximately every third night in our complex and then we could see Aurora and make a great photo!.
• Since Aurora Borealis can be seen closer to midnight or at night, and you do not want to miss this event and are afraid to fall asleep, our caring staff may wake you up on request.

How to get to Aurora Village?

To reach the Aurora Village you need to go to Murmansk by plan. Murmansk airport located 30 km from the city centre and 60 km from Aurora Village. If you decide to stay in the capital of the Arctic – Murmansk, then get to Aurora will also be quite easy – 50 km and you are in a great place away from civilization.
You can get to Murmansk from Airports in Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as from some airports in Europe – from Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm.
You can also get by daily trains from Moscow or St. Petersburg.
Unfortunately, there are no scheduled buses in the direction of Aurora Village. We can provide you with a transfer to our complex from the airport or Murmansk. When booking, let us know that you want to book a transfer and we will be happy to pick you up from airport or train station!

What is a Polar Night?

Polar night – the period between December and January, when the sun does not shine at all and the whole day consists of twilight. The Murmansk region is almost entirely to the north of the Arctic Circle, so this phenomenon is observed on its territory. At the latitude of Murmansk, the Polar Night lasts from December 2 to January 11.
Nevertheless, the day from 10 am to 3 pm is relatively light.
In addition, white snow reflects light, making the day a little lighter. This is a time of amazing glowing blue-red sunsets! Every day at two o’clock for 15 minutes comes the so-called “blue moment” when the sky and the snow appear blue. This you can see only in the north!

What is Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)?

The Northern Lights is one of the most unique and beautiful phenomena of nature, which can only be observed at certain times of the year, in particular parts of the Earth. Dancing like a flame, it fascinates and remembered forever. Nortehrn Light has been stirring people’s minds for many millennia.
The peoples of the north have created a lot of myths and legends around this phenomenon. For example, the Eskimos were convinced that such a phenomenon was the light from a heavenly window. Someone believed that Aurora Borealis – spirits traveling through the heavens.
But today this miracle of nature has been fully investigated from the scientifical point of view. Aurora has an electrical nature of origin. When the solar wind reaches the magnetic field of the Earth, it turns out a beautiful phenomenon. Charged particles from the sun merge with the atmosphere of the earth and paint the air in multi-colored stripes.
This process happening in the Earth atmoshere at the heght about 160-200 km, and sometimes even 1600 kilometers.
The Northern Lights are seen mainly above the territory beyond the Arctic Circle, closer to midnight, more often outside the city, where there is a clear night sky and no city lights. Our Aurora Village is located in a place where the opportunity to see Aurora Borealis is sufficiently higher. It is best to see the aurora, sitting comfortably in a glass Igloo . Northern lights can be seen in the preiod from September to the end of April.

What is the weather in Murmansk?

Murmansk is on 350 km to the north of the Polar circle line! But everything is not as terrible as can seems at first sight. Thanks for the neverfreezing Barents Sea climate is milder than you could expect from Arctic region. Cold wind almost does not blow, the frost is not so shrill, for example, on the bank of the Barents Sea in Teriberka. But you should not be frightened also such cold weather! We have all necessary equipment for protection against cold.
In summer, the most magical and romantic phenomenon is the White Nights and Polar Day. From June to August the sun can shine in your eyes even at two in the morning! There is no sun set during 62 days! During the day, the temperature reaches an average of 13-20 degrees. The summer season ends in early September, when all the forests and tundra are painted in fiery yellow-red colors. During this period, the northern lights are especially beautiful, as everything around is shimmering with fabulous colors. Northern lights can be observed from about the beginning of September to the end of April.

What clothes should I take?

If your trip will be in the winter, then several pairs of warm socks, a hat, a scarf and mittens are just necessary. If you are planning an active vacation, we advise you to purchase thermal underwear or wear additional insulation under a warm sweater and pants. If your clothes are not intended for frosts, then we will have additional equipment for you – a warm jacket or overalls.

Is there any other heating system besides the stove?

In addition to the stove, every Igloo has a warm heated floor and radiator. Also in our houses double insulated windows, which retain heat and do not let the cold inside.

When is the best time to visit Aurora Village?

The Northern Lights season lasts from early September to late April. If you want to see this natural phenomenon, we advise you to book houses for this period. As for other winter activities (husky riding, ice fishing, skiing or our other winter tours) it`s possible only from December to the end of April, when there is a lot of snow.

What else can you do in Aurora Village?

In addition to observing the Northern Lights in cozy Igloos, we have several options for how to spend time to make your vacation memorable!
Relax in the open-air hot tub, go skiing or snowshoeing in the forest, and have a barbecue with family or friends in the evening! We can also organize a party for a large company in our 14-meter dome. Want more experiences? We also organize tours throughout the area! Join us!

What time can I check in at Aurora Village?

The rules of check-in and check-out from the hotel comply with international standards. You can check in at Aurora Village after 2:00 p.m. and check-out before 12:00 a.m.

Leave a request with a question that interests you and our manager will contact you shortly!

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