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Hunting for the Northern Lights


In our complex, you can not only admire the Northern Lights, but also have a great time doing activities. Snowmobiles, hot tub, skis - which will you choose? During the day, you can organize leisure, and in the evening sit in a cozy igloo, listening to the oven crackle and wait for the Northern Lights! Our caring staff will help you solve all organizational issues.

You also have the opportunity to organize a dinner by ordering our menu 2-3 days in advance. Unfortunately, our large domed cafe is not yet fully operational. More on this below.

Choose your leisure time!

Wooden barrel - font

After an active day, there is nothing better than a dip in a barrel of warm water right in the open air! Like a hot spring.


You can get acquainted with the nature of the Arctic, breathe in the clean frosty air, admire the whitest snow in plenty on a snowmobile ride in the vicinity of the hotel. Warm clothing and footwear are provided.

Skiing and snowshoeing

Snowy expanses, silence, birdsong and you slowly go skiing. This is probably better than any meditation. Do you want to conquer untrodden forest paths? Then snowshoes will help you! It is wonderful to combine business with pleasure - the beauty of nature and active rest!

Cost of services

Brazier, skewers – Free

Barbecue grill – rent large for a day – 350 rubles, medium – 300 rubles, sale of a small lattice 300 rubles

Coal / firewood; ignition – 700 ₽

The dishes are cold, containers for meat (issued on request with the condition of self-washing) – Free

Open-air hot tub (payment for one igloo) up to 2 hours – 6 000 ₽

At the moment, our large domed cafe is NOT fully operational yet and, unfortunately, you can order food ONLY IN PRIORITY 2-3 days in advance. CHECK OUT THE MENU HERE
You can also take food with you from Murmansk, which can be cooked on the grill, heated in the microwave in a cafe. There is also always access to hot water to make tea or coffee. We can organize a table for a dinner or a celebration for a large company.


Snowmobiling with an instructor – 6,000 RUB  at one o’clock. two-seater snowmobile

Snowshoes (day), from 1 person – 1 000 ₽

Hunting skis (day), from 1 person – 1 000 ₽

Boat oars (pay hourly) – 500 ₽ (only summer/autumn)

ROOM EXTENSION UP TO 6 hours – 50% the total price if possible

Extra bed (Igloo is for 4 people) – 2 000 ₽ per day

Transfer service

Murmansk – Aurora Village Airport – Aurora Village Murmansk – Airport
  • 2-3 people – 3 500 RUB
  • Up to 7 people – 5 000 RUB
  • Up to 18 people – 6 000 RUB
  • Big bus – 18 000 RUB
  • 2-3 people – 4 000 RUB
  • Up to 7 people – 6 000 RUB
  • Up to 18 people – 8 000 RUB
  • Big bus – 20 000 RUB
  • 2-3 people – 3 000 RUB
  • Up to 7 people – 4 000 RUB
  • Up to 18 people – 5 000 RUB
  • Big bus – 15 000 RUB

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