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  • May I have an extra bed in number? Yes, in ours a needle 4 beds, but you can take an occasional seat - a small bed which is displayed. It will cost 2000 RUB.

  • May I have pets? Yes, we allow existence of small animals - a small dog or a cat

  • Where about meals? You can take food with you from Murmansk, there is an opportunity to heat up the food. In the season 2019/2020 , we will have a dining room.

  • I won't oversleep Aurora Borealis? Our personnel will always prompt to you when and as it is better to see the Polar Lights. If you ask, we can wake you at night that you have seen Aurora Borealis.

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    Aurora Village is in 49 km from Murmansk towards Teriberka. It is about an hour of driving the bus, but at the same time you will be in an environment of the wild nature. We have a company comfortable bus

  • By plane: You can reach Murmansk by the direct plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg. It takes about two hours of flight. We will heartily welcome you by our company bus directly from the airport.

  • By train: To Murmansk trains from Moscow or St. Petersburg also go. It takes 1,5-2 days. We can also meet you and from the train.