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Hunting for the Northern Lights

Aurora Forecast Extended

Dear friends, we want to remind you that we have two types of forecast:

1. Forecast for 27 days and 3 days ahead by the hour

There we pay attention to kp-index:
kp-index 2-3 – Shine will be, but not strong
kp-index 4-5 – will blaze

But do not forget that visibility is also affected by cloudiness – if the sky is overcast, the Radiance will hide behind the clouds.

2.Extended minute forecast

The extended northern lights (or aurora borealis) forecast allows you to more accurately determine the probability of an event to the nearest minute. You can use tables and graphs from the DSCOVR and ACE spacecraft. In addition, NOAA solar wind and geomagnetic data are available.


The Northern Lights in the Murmansk region can be observed from September to April, and you can book the Igloo on our website

All igloos in the glamping are equipped with a full bathroom, shower, toilet, cold and hot water, soft beds (on the first and second floor, capacity up to 4 people), dining table, heating.

It’s good here with kids.
And you can bring pets

We want to warn you that the domed cafe is not working yet, but you can still order food! (only it will be carried out in the Igloo)

And in the glamping Aurora Village you can:
Lie down in the font under the open sky
Arrange a barbecue (near each Igloo there is a barbecue area)
Enjoy the Northern Piroda and silence, take a walk by the purest lake Kanentyavr

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Published on: January 4, 2023  -  Filed under: News

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