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Hunting for the Northern Lights


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In these houses we live between Murmansk and Teriberka. Through the panoramic windows that cover half the Needle is convenient to look at the polar lights without leaving the room. But the coolest thing here is with open- Japanese open-air water bath Furaco and then on a warm room and a cosy evening with a nice company.

Girls from Vologda

Dear Oleg! ⭐ We are grateful to you and your super team for the presented emotions and impressions of stay in Murmansk!!! ????? Success in all kind of undertakings!! ? Until next time!! ? Girls from Vologda! ??

Anna Isaeva
producer on NTV cannel

Review from team of "Let's go We Will Eat" TVshow with John Warren.? Anna Isaeva (the producer of NTV) writes us:
✨ "Oleg, hello! I am very glad that the show was pleasant, we tried for all 100%) And many thanks to you for this unique night in the tundra, then all team was inspired and caught this powerful spirit of the North! I hope very much that we still will return! "

Cuaround Daworld

A lovely place to stay, very clean and warm, friendly staff and a bottle of welcome complimentary champagne is a surprise. 4 of us stay in one room still feel very cosy. Staff are very helpful when we need them to help making some local calls. I’d highly recommend my friends to come as it’s more affordable compare to Finland Igloo. Also we watch aurora inside and outside the Igloo so good luck to all other visitors.

The best place to see Aurora near Murmansk

Aurora Village is absolutely amazing! I had seen the most amazing aurora there. The igloo itself is very special, there are only 6 of them so the place won't get too busy. You can stay inside the warm and cozy igloo and go outside when you see the northern light. The staff will also knock on your door when northern light is visible. I spent one night there and see the northern light many times. If you are lucky like me, you can just lie in bed and see the aurora from inside, definitely one of the best way to view aurora! It's a great place to see northern light as there is not much light pollution. It's only 40mins to 1 hour drive from Murmansk, worth visiting if you are in the area!
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Кейт Янг

Дядя Олег покажет Вам мартовское Северное сияние!
Единственный отель в России в форме купола и с панорамными окнами, где Вы можете наблюдать Северное Сияние! (перевод с китайского языка)

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