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Hunting for the Northern Lights


Наталья Демидова
владелец питомника "Улыбка Аляски"

Как поймать Северное Сияние вдали от цивилизации, но при этом в самых комфортных условиях? Однозначно, ехать в Купола! ? Недалеко от города (49 километр, но городской свет уже не мешает), в своей компании (в домик может поместиться 4 человека, а при желании, и чуть-чуть больше), в тепле, рядом с печкой и с чашкой кофе в руке, Вы можете ловить это необычное явление хоть всю ночь, наблюдая за небом, не выходя из тепла. Прозрачный потолок купола позволяет видеть всё небо и в ожидании Сияния разглядывать звёзды и искать Большую Медведицу.
А если Вам повезёт и небо вспыхнет в цветном зареве, то Вы будете к этому готовы на все 100%! ? Вы не замёрзли, у Вашей камеры не села батарея и друзья рядом в отличном настроении - что ещё нужно для успеха в таком "ответственном" вопросе. ? И вот уже через пять минут у Вас на страничке сэлфи на фоне Северного Сияния. Вот он - крутой и незабываемый отдых! ?? Это мы испробовали на себе и с полной ответственностью заявляем - ЭТО КРУТО!!

Евгения Кирпиченкова
...здесь словно ждали нас...

Превзошли ожидания!!! Все сделано с душой и любовью! Очень душевно и тепло. Окна с двойным остеклением во всех домиках! Обслуживание на высоте) дружелюбный и не спящий персонал)))разбудят, чтобы вы увидели Северное Сияние, сделают все для комфортного пребывания! Мягкие, уютные кровати, которые словно ждали нас) Я в восторге! (Instagram - jenyaamazon)

Volka Ehrmann
Russia, Murmansk

The amazing place with an unusual structure of houses. Quiet and peaceful. All necessary is. The best place for observation of the polar lights or romantic evenings)
It should be noted caring and helpful staff. Houses very warm, are the oven with firewood. Shower and toilet all clean. Wi-Fi is, the brazier is. The territory closed, but it is possible to leave and walk. Generally very much it was pleasant to us!

Natalya Demidova

Near the city (the 49th kilometer, but city light does not disturb any more), in the company (in a lodge 4 persons, and if desired, and can be located slightly more), in heat, near the oven and with a cup of coffee in a hand. You can look at this unusual phenomenon though all night long, watching the sky, not leaving heat. The transparent ceiling of a dome allows to see all sky! Waiting for the Polar Lights you can examine stars and look for Big Dipper.
And if to you carries and the sky will flash in color glow, then you to it will be ready for all 100%! ? you did not freeze, at your camera the battery and friends nearby in excellent mood - here was not dead that is necessary for success at such responsible moment!

Julia Chicherina

A big advantage - Glamping is located far from the city and you will not be prevented from skyscraper watching the miracle of nature. Glass domed houses are supposedly located on a stage raised above the ground. Inside, it is very warm and cozy: the floor is heated, there are batteries and an own stove, which for “romance” can be melted with wood, in the toilet room everything is like in a hotel - a shower cabin, a washbasin and a toilet bowl. The house is designed for a company of four people (I think, if desired, you can expand the number of places). It offers guests various options - breakfast "in bed", dinner, a ceremony of shamans, swimming in a font with hot water ...
Every day various excursions are sent from the Aurora Hotel: Teriberka, Murmansk, the village of shamans ... - you will not have to be bored. But the most valuable thing is the northern lights. My daughter and I saw only the first "volleys", joyful lay down for a second ... and happily fell asleep. Now we see photos of friends, we envy and dream of returning there again, in order to “catch” the Northern Lights.

Girls from Vologda

Dear Oleg! ⭐ We are grateful to you and your super team for the presented emotions and impressions of stay in Murmansk!!! ????? Success in all kind of undertakings!! ? Until next time!! ? Girls from Vologda! ??

Anna Isaeva
producer on NTV cannel

Review from team of "Let's go We Will Eat" TVshow with John Warren.? Anna Isaeva (the producer of NTV) writes us:
✨ "Oleg, hello! I am very glad that the show was pleasant, we tried for all 100%) And many thanks to you for this unique night in the tundra, then all team was inspired and caught this powerful spirit of the North! I hope very much that we still will return! "

Cuaround Daworld

A lovely place to stay, very clean and warm, friendly staff and a bottle of welcome complimentary champagne is a surprise. 4 of us stay in one room still feel very cosy. Staff are very helpful when we need them to help making some local calls. I’d highly recommend my friends to come as it’s more affordable compare to Finland Igloo. Also we watch aurora inside and outside the Igloo so good luck to all other visitors.

The best place to see Aurora near Murmansk

Aurora Village is absolutely amazing! I had seen the most amazing aurora there. The igloo itself is very special, there are only 6 of them so the place won't get too busy. You can stay inside the warm and cozy igloo and go outside when you see the northern light. The staff will also knock on your door when northern light is visible. I spent one night there and see the northern light many times. If you are lucky like me, you can just lie in bed and see the aurora from inside, definitely one of the best way to view aurora! It's a great place to see northern light as there is not much light pollution. It's only 40mins to 1 hour drive from Murmansk, worth visiting if you are in the area!
Instagram @travelwithangel

Kate Jang

The uncle Oleg will show you the March Polar Lights!
The only glass cottage in Russia where you can observe the polar lights! (translation from Chinese)

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