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Murmansk, Russia
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Hunting for the Northern Lights


Sorawit S

Our group of 4 stayed here for 2 nights in February 2018.
A perfect place to get away from the light of the city and of course perfect place to see Aurora. Staffs are very friendly and helpful but if you don't speak Russian, I would recommend you to have google translate with you to communicate better with the staff and they are very kind and always be there 24 hours to assist you. Hot shower in the bathroom was working perfectly fine.

The owner of the village, Mr. Oleg has also the tour company . Very reliable and he himself is very helpful and responded to my email very promptly . The tour programs are very flexible depending on your availability.
Check out for more detail.This Aurora Village in Murmansk is still pretty new to the market and the price to stay is very affordable compare to other countries in Scandinavia . I would love to go back again one day.

Natalya Demidova

Near the city (the 49th kilometer, but city light does not disturb any more), in the company (in a lodge 4 persons, and if desired, and can be located slightly more), in heat, near the oven and with a cup of coffee in a hand. You can look at this unusual phenomenon though all night long, watching the sky, not leaving heat. The transparent ceiling of a dome allows to see all sky! Waiting for the Polar Lights you can examine stars and look for Big Dipper.
And if to you carries and the sky will flash in color glow, then you to it will be ready for all 100%! ? you did not freeze, at your camera the battery and friends nearby in excellent mood - here was not dead that is necessary for success at such responsible moment!

Кейт Янг

Дядя Олег покажет Вам мартовское Северное сияние!
Единственный отель в России в форме купола и с панорамными окнами, где Вы можете наблюдать Северное Сияние! (перевод с китайского языка)

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