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Hunting for the Northern Lights


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Perfect location to watch aurora on the day we stayed. Warm and clean room. Nice and helpful staff. We don’t bring any food and drink to there. Staff arranged paid car to drive us to Murmansk supermarket to to buy food and drink. Besides, Our car stuck on the snowy road. Staff help us by all means to solve the problem. We do feel great and comfortable to stay. Highly recommended

Santiago Trujillo
Travel Blogger

I stayed at Aurora village and was a great and memorable experience, I was lucky with the weather and with the comfort of the place to enjoy this amazing gift of nature, the northern lights. The staff was friendly and the place very clean. I really enjoyed it and thanks for all. I was a great place to stay and the location is beautiful with the close by lake. Instagram - @santi_viajasimplemente

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At last that in Russia, there was a hotel in which with comfort, in heat, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine to observe a nature miracle - the polar lights!!!
It is a lot of good points: Very warmly! There is everything that is necessary for a cosiness: the wood furnace which will be kindled by employees and will watch (if you do not want to do it)
The personnel took care of that to us it was cozy and warm. If you want to leave and look at shine on the street, that is warm plaids and warm galoshes which were also prepared by the staff of hotel! The thermos with boiled water for tea and coffee was brought at any time as soon as we asked. And still the fact that it was pleasant to us it is individual thermal mug, for all!

Sorawit S

Our group of 4 stayed here for 2 nights in February 2018.
A perfect place to get away from the light of the city and of course perfect place to see Aurora. Staffs are very friendly and helpful but if you don't speak Russian, I would recommend you to have google translate with you to communicate better with the staff and they are very kind and always be there 24 hours to assist you. Hot shower in the bathroom was working perfectly fine.

The owner of the village, Mr. Oleg has also the tour company . Very reliable and he himself is very helpful and responded to my email very promptly . The tour programs are very flexible depending on your availability.
Check out for more detail.This Aurora Village in Murmansk is still pretty new to the market and the price to stay is very affordable compare to other countries in Scandinavia . I would love to go back again one day.

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