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Our company Visit Murmansk – the best tour operator in the tourism industry of the Murmansk region 2019

In Murmansk, a meeting was held on the results of work in the tourism sector and an award ceremony for the winners of the annual regional competition “The Best in the Travel Industry of the Murmansk Region” in 2019.

The report was made by the acting Maxim Bugaev, Head of Tourism Development, Ministry of Investment, Enterprise Development and Fisheries of the Murmansk Region. He noted that in the past year, the tourism industry continued to actively develop. For 2020 – a number of key areas are outlined. For example, there has been an increase in domestic and inbound tourist flows.

In 2016, the tourist flow to the territory of the Murmansk region grew by 8 percent and amounted to 330.01 thousand people. In 2017, the indicator has already increased significantly – the growth amounted to more than 25 percent, 413.7 thousand. Then, last year, the tourist flow amounted to 438.02 thousand, and according to expert estimates, this year this figure will be 451 thousand people.

In 2020, it is planned to launch a mobile digital application for tourists, which will provide maximum information about the sights of the region and objects of the tourism industry. The issue of enabling the aurora prediction function is considered.

It is planned to open three front – offices (the general name of a group of units or processes in organizations responsible for direct work with clients or customers) in Umba, Teriberka and Lovozero. And many other projects. Details here

The awarding ceremony for the winners of the annual regional competition “The Best in the Travel Industry of the Murmansk Region” in 2019 also took place. Some turned out to be leaders in two categories at once. So, “Visit Murmansk” LLC, led by Oleg Terebenin, was recognized as the “Best Tour Operator”. In the nomination “The best object of the tourist show” again the leader was the excursion and tourist center “Snow Village”, the head Vladimir Komyagin, who was also noted in the nomination “The best event event in the field of tourism.” The festival of snow-ice sculptures “Snow-ice” is recognized as such.

Published on: December 10, 2019  -  Filed under: News

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