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Hunting for the Northern Lights

How to get to Aurora Village?

First, you need to get to Murmansk (tickets from the two capitals – from about 2600 rubles, even if you take the day before departure. Therefore, there is an opportunity to gather to us spontaneously, especially now, when there is 1.5 months left until the end of the Shining season).

Then you can go straight from the airport to Aurora or look into Murmansk – 30 minutes by car from the airport.

We advise you to buy groceries in Murmansk, as well as see the city. The cafe in the hotel operates on a catering basis – food must be ordered 2-3 days in advance. You can use the microwave in a cafe, make a barbecue. You can get acquainted with the menu on our website

From Murmansk to Aurora Village – 70 km towards Teriberka:

✅On our own (taxi or car rental: unfortunately there is no car sharing in Murmansk)

✅By our transfer (it is better to order in advance):

From / to the city of Murmansk:
• 2-3 people – 3,000 rubles
• Up to 7 people – 4,000 rubles
• Up to 18 people – 5,000 rubles
From / to the airport:
• 2-3 people – 4,000 rubles
• Up to 7 people – 5,000 rubles
• Up to 18 people – 6,000 rubles

Often our guests after us go to Teriberka or stay in Aurora on the way back)
The hotel is located almost on the main road, in any case you will see a signpost and you will not have to search for a long time)

Dear guests, the hotel administration is not responsible for the road train to the hotel. It so happens that almost every year in February or March, the road is blocked due to drifts. And we do our best to make your stay perfect. Therefore, we ask you to understand and take it for granted.

Also, the state of the road to Teriberka can be monitored in the group in the VK “My Teriberka” or on the Avtodor website Thank you for understanding!
Photo from Daria Bulavina
Welcome to Aurora Village💚

Published on: March 9, 2021  -  Filed under: News

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