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Murmansk, Russia
24h Reception

Hunting for the Northern Lights

Arctic cuisine at Aurora Village 🦀

Our menu includes not only classic and vegetarian dishes.
To truly experience the Arctic, you should try the gifts of the Barents Sea – scallops, sea urchins, mackerel, cod, crab 😀
❗️ Friends, do not forget that food in Aurora is ordered 2-3 days in advance or when booking. Because the cafe works only on a catering basis.
🔥Dinner with seafood – 5000 rubles. What is included?:
* Mackerel baked in coals (500) (pickled mackerel carcass, stuffed with lemon, herbs and onions, baked in foil)
* Live scallop (3 pcs)
* Baked scallop (3 pcs) (baked on the sink in a creamy cheese sauce or tomato-garlic of your choice)
* Modiolus stewed in tomato-garlic sauce (2 pcs)
* Far Eastern crab in shell (500) (half-pair, boiled at guests)
* Live sea hedgehog (3 pcs)
* Cod liver salad (120) (salad of cod liver, green onion, quail eggs and olive oil)
* Assorted (Northern fish) (120) (frozen mackerel roll, cold-smoked toothfish, s / s trout, dried ruff)
Have you tried Arctic cuisine yet?❄️

Published on: November 25, 2021  -  Filed under: News

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