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Hunting for the Northern Lights


We ourselves did not expect this 😱, but the SEASON OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS HAS STARTED !!! 🇬🇧THE SEASON OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS STARTS AT 01:15 AM 08/18/21!

Tonight at 01:15 💫 08/18/21.

🥂 Raise our glasses and declare the season officially open! See the forecast until September 11)

Photo by alexluzhevskiy

Friends, do not forget that now we have several promotions:

🔸 25% discount on Igloo Comfort all September 1̶5̶0̶0̶0̶ rub. – ⚡️11250 rub.

⠀ (for the whole of September only Igloo Comfort will be available – with improved repairs)

🔸Discount for reservations of 2 nights or more

🔸Cashback program from Rosturizm (20% will be returned to your card when booking from

You can find all the details of the promotions here or write in messages 📩



Published on: August 18, 2021  -  Filed under: News

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