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Hunting for the Northern Lights

What if I don’t see the Northern Lights? 🥲

We get such questions quite often.
Let’s clear up the situation

The chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high if you come to the Kola Peninsula for a few days and spend every night outside the city.
From September to April, of course.

But even a high kp-index in the forecast cannot give a 100% guarantee!

What then to hope for, you say ??
Let’s list all the factors:

💫You arrived from September to April
💫You are outside the city so that the illumination does not interfere
💫You follow the forecast (kp-index from 2-3 and above)
💫The sky is not overcast.

What about the Shining in Aurora Village?
The principles are still the same) But also ..

💫According to statistics, the Radiance can be seen here every third night.
💫Alarm clock service ⏰ Our managers can wake you up at night if you do not want to miss the moment.
💫You can not freeze for hours on the street, but run out of the Igloo in a blanket and take pictures) Or see it from the panoramic windows!

It also happened that our clients stayed for two or three nights, but never saw the Northern Lights …
It happened that all two nights the sky burned with flashes

You can find photos with the Northern Lights of our guests in our Instagram @auroravillage_murmansk in the current “Northern Lights” and “Reviews”.

Welcome to Aurora Village!💫

Published on: November 17, 2021  -  Filed under: News

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