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Hunting for the Northern Lights


Video of the Northern Lights in the real time

On March 5 there were very beautiful polar lights on border of Russia and Norway in the city of Kirkenes. Thanks to Kate to our old friend for maintenance us in this tour. Very beautiful photos and video was made thаt night. Unfortunately, it is not visible to all brightness of the Polar Lights on […]

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You can still catch Aurora Borealis! Wonderful photos from hunting for the Polar Lights

Look what improbable Polar Lights at the end of winter! Friends, we report that the season of the Polar Lights last until the end of April. You still can manage to arrive to us and to admire this miracle! Photo By – Ivan Vasilyev-guid Can book:… #nothernlights #aurora #murmansk #igloo #auroravillage #lightvillage#arctic #northpole #aurorafrecast #husky #visitmurmansk #auroravillage

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Wedding in Aurora Village

Someone to get married Maldives, and someone among snow in the North)?❄️ If you are as original as this young couple, welcome! ? #aurora #auroravillage  #nothernlights #aurora #murmansk #igloo #auroravillage #lightvillage#arctic #northpole #aurorafrecast #husky #visitmurmansk#auroravillage

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This video how we built Aurora Village!✊

This video how we built Aurora Village!✊ Everything began in August, 2017! Every year we improve our village.✨In the summer of 2018 we installed warm windows and warmed floors. And this year we want to construct a tent restaurant where you will be able to enjoy the Lappish dishes.? We grow and we develop thanks […]

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Our company a participant of the tourist exhibition GITF in the city of Guangzhou

Our participation in an exhibition in several photos. The international tourist Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) exhibition is held in China, Guangzhou annually since 1993 and is recognized as one of the largest and significant exhibitions of Asia in the tourism industry. This year GIFT 2019 passed from February 21 to February 23 and collected […]

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Murmansk region entered in top-50 the regions of Russia popular with tourists, by results of 2018

Murmansk region entered in top-50 the regions of Russia popular with tourists, by results of 2018 The analytical agency Turstat presented the rating of the cities, popular with tourists, and regions of Russia following the results of 2018. In 2018 Murmansk region was visited by more than 400 thousand tourists, including 28 thousand foreigners. In […]

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Cloudy Polar Lights

Aurora Village Murmansk 02.02.19 Deep snow and clouds, but in this amazing place you can see the Northern Lights even through the clouds. Photo of the Northern Lights in Aurora Village. #auroravillage @auroravillage #visitmurmansk #thai #thailand #china @china #nothernlight

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Holiday of Spring in China!

?祝春节快乐!猪年吉祥,万事如意,幸福安康!? Our dear friends and colleagues from China! We congratulate you on the Holiday of Spring!✨We want to wish success in all affairs, happiness and health in new year of the Pig!

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New cycle of activity of the Sun and how it influences the Polar light?

In the Sun signs of the beginning of a new cycle of activity are observed For most of people the Sun is just very bright object in the sky. In the Sun there really are all the time difficult processes which have an impact on our life on Earth. What is cycles of activity and […]

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The Russian NTV channel about the Polar Lights and Aurora Village

The Russian NTV channel about Teriberka, the Polar Lights and Aurora Village. All wait for Aurora Borealis differently. Someone freezes, someone brings ethnic tools, and someone settles down in a comfortable loggia Aurora Village with a glass of champagne))??

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