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Hunting for the Northern Lights


What if I don’t see the Northern Lights? 🥲

We get such questions quite often. Let’s clear up the situation ⠀ The chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high if you come to the Kola Peninsula for a few days and spend every night outside the city. From September to April, of course. ⠀ But even a high kp-index in the forecast cannot […]

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Killer whales and whales in Teriberka! 🐋

Our colleagues @ seatravel51com are incredibly lucky to see these beauties up close! 🔥 ⠀ Many who travel to Aurora Village Visit Murmansk @auroravillage_murmansk also visit Teriberka (as it is on the way and only 70 km away). After all, it is there that there is the most chance to see whales and other inhabitants […]

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How to capture the Northern Lights on camera? 📸

General rules to see the Northern Lights and take a picture of it on a smartphone 🤳 read the previous post 👉🏻 ⠀ 📸 And now about the camera settings: ⠀ Any modern mirror or mirrorless will do, as long as there are manual settings: ✔️We need M mode. Full-frame models (Nikon D610, Nikon D750, […]

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How to capture the Northern Lights on your smartphone? 🤳

First, a few basic rules: ✨Download the app and watch the aurora forecast. More precisely geomagnetic storms. You can download ours – Aurora Village (on IOS and Android). If kp-index is 0, you shouldn’t count on anything, 2 or 3 – all chances to see, 5-6 – will blaze, and over 7 points – […]

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Snow in Aurora Village – October 20

 That’s how much snow is in Aurora Village today But the winter entertainment is even more than a month away. Snowmobiling and snowshoeing at @auroravillage_murmansk will be available after 20 November until winter cover reaches about 50 cm And here are some reasons to visit the Murmansk region while it is snowing (from November to April): […]

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We ourselves did not expect this 😱, but the SEASON OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS HAS STARTED !!! 🇬🇧THE SEASON OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS STARTS AT 01:15 AM 08/18/21! Tonight at 01:15 💫 08/18/21. 🥂 Raise our glasses and declare the season officially open! See the forecast until September 11) Photo by alexluzhevskiy Friends, do not […]

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🏛 Simplified procedure for issuing Russian tourist visas for foreigners

Good news for foreign visitors who are allowed to enter Russia! 🏛 Simplified procedure for issuing Russian tourist visas for foreigners Dear Friends, if you are from other countries and want to come to Aurora Village or visit the Murmansk Oblast, please contact us for advice! Write to Direct or to the website ❗️ ❗️ […]

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How to get to Aurora Village?

First, you need to get to Murmansk (tickets from the two capitals – from about 2600 rubles, even if you take the day before departure. Therefore, there is an opportunity to gather to us spontaneously, especially now, when there is 1.5 months left until the end of the Shining season). ⠀ Then you can go […]

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Choose your Kola Peninsula!

Friends, come to us both summer and winter! We have something to be surprised at any time of the year) ✦ Seidozero with its ancient mysteries, as well as Lovozero, where you can get acquainted with the culture of the Sami; ✦ Terskiy coast on the White Sea coast, where the life of the Pomors [...]

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🇨🇳摩尔曼斯克探索旅行社 🇨🇳 Happy Chinese New Year!

🇨🇳摩尔曼斯克探索旅行社(ООО Визит Мурманск) 祝您新春快乐! 新的一年,愿我们越来越好! 日子,是顺心顺意的;生活,是无忧无虑的; 家庭,是和和美美的;一切,是越来越好的。 🇬🇧Visit Murmansk and Aurora Village wishes our guests a Happy Chinese New Year! 🇷🇺Визит Мурманск и Аврора Вилладж поздравляет наших гостей с Китайским Новым годом! ____________________________ Китайский Новый год с давних времен является главным и самым продолжительным праздником в Поднебесной и других странах Восточной Азии. В отличие от […]

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