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Murmansk, Russia
24h Reception

Hunting for the Northern Lights

Murmansk region at the tourism exhibition ??Outbound Travel Mart Mumbai 2020 ??

??Do you want to know how to go to the Russian North and see the Northern Lights?, visit the Arctic Ocean?, ride reindeer? and dogs?, try the local cuisine, see ice and snow sculptures??

We represent the ❄️Murmansk region ❄️ at the tourism exhibition ??Outbound Travel Mart Mumbai 2020 ?? !!

❗️Come meet personally the director of the company VisitMurmansk❗️, which organizes holidays for foreign tourists in the Murmansk region – the capital of the Northern Lights!?

 Visit Murmansk have been working in tourism for more than 15 years! We have our own fleet and dome hotel Aurora Village, as well as new projects for the new season, which we will talk about at the exhibition!

WHERE? ?? Mumbai, India. Bombay Exhibition Center (Bandra-Kurla Complex), Stand No B100

WHEN? 02/03/2020 – 02/05/2020

WHAT AWAITS YOU? February ?4 from 10 00 to 12 00 ?– a PERSENTAION about amazing North region – Murmansk region.

?We look forward to seeing you personally and the representatives of tour operators to talk about the growing trend in world tourism – the Russian North! Already about
❗️300,000 ❗️tourists from all over the world, in particular from the Asia-Pacific region, visit the Murmansk region every year! ?


 Facebook page ?@VisitMurmansk
 Instagram ?
 Aurora Village site ?
 VisitMurmansk site ?


Murmansk Region is the northernmost region of the European part of Russia, mostly located beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is a gateway to the Arctic, where in winter there is a lot of pure snow, eternal twilight and northern lights, but in summer the sun shines day and night!
Our region is famous for access to the Arctic Ocean, you can see a lot of clean rivers and lakes, untouched wild nature, you can meet saami – local people in Arctic and learn more about their unique culture and also watch such amazing phenomena as the polar night and the polar day.

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