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Hunting for the Northern Lights

Killer whales and whales in Teriberka! 🐋

Our colleagues @ seatravel51com are incredibly lucky to see these beauties up close! 🔥

Many who travel to Aurora Village Visit Murmansk @auroravillage_murmansk also visit Teriberka (as it is on the way and only 70 km away).
After all, it is there that there is the most chance to see whales and other inhabitants of the Barents Sea 🌊

When is the best chance to see whales?

We constantly hear from tourists that it is imperative to go to Teriberka to see whales in May.
In other months, whales are not found.
We can say that this is a kind of myth.

Yes, the best period to search for whales is from March to the end of May, because fishing is most active during this period.

In the summer, it is also possible to see whales, for example, in 2020, whales practically settled in the Teriberskaya Bay and were seen even from the shore! And also a comfortable temperature pleases tourists during this period.

There is also every chance to see whales in March, from June to the end of November.
There are always chances, a little more or a little less.

But no one can give you a 100% guarantee that you will see a whale 🐋 The main thing is to understand that the Barents Sea is not an oceanarium. And you can meet other marine inhabitants and this is almost no worse than seeing the tail of a whale)

Have you already managed to see the marine inhabitants of the Barents Sea?

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Published on: November 14, 2021  -  Filed under: News

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